This film was made to encourage people living in the Grampians area of Victoria to contribute to an online forum and policy recommendation platform to help make cancer services better.

From the Cancer Conversations forum,

More than one in three people are affected by cancer in their lifetime.

Patients, carers, loved ones, nurses, doctors, specialists, surgeons, administrators, support services and leaders – we are all part of the cancer service system. We can all play our part in making it better.

Grampians Cancer Conversations is a step along the way to involving all of us in planning for the future of our cancer system. Because together we can do it better.

Maybe you, a family member, or friend have had experiences and ideas that can help improve the cancer system in Grampians?

Client – Our Say

Our Say’s mission is to make democracy work by helping leaders get close to their communities and make relevant decisions. Our Say facilitates online forums were solutions to issues are proposed by community members, voted on, and relevant leaders and policy makers commit to listening and responding.