Make your stories matter to the world.

In-depth consultation and collaborative filmmaking that inspires and transforms.

“Stefan is so great to work with – he is a master of his crafts, from the initial concept development, to production and right through to the final edit, and also with the manipulation of multiple media on websites.

Thanks to his input, the story of our video documentary unfolded quite beautifully.”

John Lane

Statewide Artistic Coordinator, The Festival for Healthy Living


The work you do makes the world a better place. And people need to know and care.

That’s why making your stories matter to the world is essential.

Stories that matter inspire and transform the world.

I’m here to help tell these stories.

I collaborate with difference. I listen with care and support. I guide with experience and wisdom.

I find the essence in the complex. I create with strategy and feeling. I craft films on purpose, and deliver them on budget.

I make stories that connect and resonate with audiences. I make films that educate, inspire and transform.

Let’s make your stories matter to the world.

Featured Work

Cerebral Palsy Alliance – Spring Campaign

It was a privilege to direct, interview, film and edit this video about Franklin, for Cerebral Palsy Alliance‘s Spring Campaign.

If you are interested in contributing here is a link,


Promotional Films

I help you clarify and clearly articulate your business’ purpose in an authentic and compelling way.

Educational Films

Inform, inspire and enlighten.

Community Films

I empower people to collaborate, create and share their stories.


In depth stories that matter to the world.



To discover the best approach for your project, I listen deeply.
I collaborate with difference. I find the essence in the complex.


Full service video production delivered on purpose and on budget.

Script Writing

The heart of the story told eloquently.


I create with strategy and feeling. I guide with experience and wisdom.


With presence and empathy I help people feel relaxed and safe to share their experiences in emotionally connected and authentic ways.


I beautifully craft and capture, light, form and composition.


A seamless flow of the very best performances presented on message.

Music & Sound Design

Aural experiences composed to complement, enhance and enrich.

Mentoring & workshops

High quality DIY video production demystified.


The best ways to share your stories with the world.