Need a high quality video that’s worth sharing?

I am offering a professionally made 1 – 3 minute video at half price, for an ethical, values aligned business or organisation.

I bring 18 years of experience producing beautifully crafted authentic stories that are worth sharing.

The half price offer for a 1 – 3 minute video is $1,990.
  • This includes three hours of meetings and production management, one day of filming and three days of post-production.

  • Normally a quote for a typical 1 – 3 minute video is at least $4,000.

  • Additional work is normally quoted at $1,000 a day and $125 an hour.

  • If your application is successful you will receive these services at half price.
To apply please answer these questions.

I can then determine if your business or organisation qualifies for the special offer.

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