Between Me Cast Crew The Shoot Truth Group

truth group 2002

Truth Group, Clockwise from Top Left: Michael Argus, Chloe Boreham, Amber Field, Dan Hamill, Kim Farrant, Adrian Auld, Leone White and Stefan Markworth

Truth Group was a group of eight Artists supporting one another in the pursuit of truthfulness in our work and in the delivery of our artistic dreams and ideas. We wanted to give life to the brain children of our imaginations. Between Me was one of those children. Meeting weekly to practice meditation, yoga, dance, voice, comedy, sensory and acting exercises, we listened as the story found greater and greater shape. Through the practice of these modalities, and through reflective essays designed to bring to light the parts of ourselves that we could use for character, story and production, our creative instruments began to open and expand. It was from this space that the characters in the film and the actors in the group found one another and began to grow together.

We then improvised the significant and formative life events of the characters, we wrote and shared character biographies, we poured over the script; mining it for meaning and detail, editing it and clarifying it. While these are the things that we DID in Truth Group, it was also a process that was far more than this. It held a richness that is still unfolding even though it has ended. It vastly strengthened my creative back-bone. It asked me to thoroughly investigate what I might offer as an artist and own that. It demanded that we be unscrupulously honest with ourselves. While the thoughts and feelings uncovered in the process were not always pretty, some seemed deeply unpalatable at first sight, we encouraged one another to use what we discovered in the service of the story. In this way, Truth Group provided me with my own meaning behind creative process. As a result, I now find myself more fit for the numerous creative journeys I encounter from minute to minute, day to day and year to year, ad infinitum.

Written by Leone White (Truth Group member and actor)